Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fearless at bay

Fearless at Bay
#fearless #bay #melbourne #australia #art
mixed media art
Suggestion this going for a competition......

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Coming Soon

coming Soon with more

Light in Darkness

Sickness, sorrow, death, disgrace,
All of these I have to face ;
Pain of body, fret of mind,
Poverty, with bread to find.

Restless day and sleepless night,
Dread of darkness, fear of light,
Not a soul to care for me,
Not a friend on earth but thee.

Thou, too, hast a frightened stare
'Neath thine eyelids, unaware.
And like Him Who raised the dead,
Hast not where to lay thy head.

But because thou lovest me,
For thy sake I'll fight us free
Prom this deadlock of despair,
From this hell, to heaven, I swear 

ARt -This got published by fearless collective

Shakti ...Fearlesss....These words come in every mind

Shakti ....Fearless these two words are power of women to do anything anywhere
so there was a page in FB with name fearless collevtive which was campaing for Gulabi gang
so gave my entry to that group so they were....
i gave lot of entries one got display with be in further post but few which i sent

LightHouse painting

Finally i complete my Light House painting i got love with beaches and water when i came to melbourne so every time i love to draw something with water so here i t come

Pink kangroo

Haven't  heard of pink kangaroo when i came to australia i saw kangaroos its obvious but then i thought one day if kangaroos were female how they will look so i given them a look hope u like it
Painting made in acrylic colour ,mix of aboriginal art  

Please share ur comments

Madhubani Coasters

Coasters are used by everybody soo that i used some mini canvases and turn them into coasters and colourfull  in Madhubani art Most popular art in India

Art on Shells

Art on Shells still in process for necklace
This inspired me of beautiful mermaids who wear shells as ornaments


Bottle Not Empty

Abstract art on glass bottle and now they are not empty 
You can use it as lamp shades or colourfull water bottle 
#art #glass #bottle #abstract #melbourne

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Research on something new

AS i am going these days to new workshops and getting so much ideas in mind i found out something  new there acetate sheet used for graphic work but i  decide to do something new with it let try out painting with it and i won i love that piece of work.
                                                acrylic paint on acetate

Celebrating International Women's Day with a new painting

Celebrating International Women's Day with a new painting

Hi all... today as i got up i just realised at google art that tomorrow is international women day do thought to make an art and enter in a competition so here is my new art on 
I was missing my mom from so many days and while remembering her i just draw an art on her <3 b="">

work done on oil pastels on paper

Monday, February 17, 2014

hi all back again last evening was very disturbed dont know what to do so when i saw one of my abstract painting i dint like it so i thought to change it i took that canvas and thought to do something wid it..

but from many days i was keen to make waterfall dont know why so i experiment my thinking on that canvas with oil paint so here it comes my work on oil on canvas ....the Waterfall

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

abstract paintings- 06/02/14

hi all,...thanks for looking my old painting but here i am back with new ones
just have a look and dont forget to comment plz.....

but i need namees to it plz help