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Light in Darkness

Sickness, sorrow, death, disgrace,
All of these I have to face ;
Pain of body, fret of mind,
Poverty, with bread to find.

Restless day and sleepless night,
Dread of darkness, fear of light,
Not a soul to care for me,
Not a friend on earth but thee.

Thou, too, hast a frightened stare
'Neath thine eyelids, unaware.
And like Him Who raised the dead,
Hast not where to lay thy head.

But because thou lovest me,
For thy sake I'll fight us free
Prom this deadlock of despair,
From this hell, to heaven, I swear 

ARt -This got published by fearless collective

Shakti ...Fearlesss....These words come in every mind

Shakti ....Fearless these two words are power of women to do anything anywhere
so there was a page in FB with name fearless collevtive which was campaing for Gulabi gang
so gave my entry to that group so they were....
i gave lot of entries one got display with be in further post but few which i sent

LightHouse painting

Finally i complete my Light House painting i got love with beaches and water when i came to melbourne so every time i love to draw something with water so here i t come

Pink kangroo

Haven't  heard of pink kangaroo when i came to australia i saw kangaroos its obvious but then i thought one day if kangaroos were female how they will look so i given them a look hope u like it
Painting made in acrylic colour ,mix of aboriginal art  

Please share ur comments

Madhubani Coasters

Coasters are used by everybody soo that i used some mini canvases and turn them into coasters and colourfull  in Madhubani art Most popular art in India